"We have Denmark's strongest entrepreneurial environment"

"Get your business idea off the ground! Strengthen your network in Symbion"

"250 ambitious companies are located in Symbion"

"75 companies with focus on IT are located at The Orbit"

Who is Symbion?

Symbion is for innovative companies, what Team Denmark is for elite sport athletes.

We create the best physical environment in our community offices where we rent out offices for ambitious startups and entrepreneurs. We accelerate their growth through targeted knowledge, networking, as well as professional advice and financing.

In our two business centers in Copenhagen, we are today more than 250 small, innovative companies:

Symbion (Østerbro)The Orbit (Ørestad)

In our business centers you can rent offices of all sizes, office space, flex office and virtual offices on flexible terms; perfect for start-up companies.In addition, we each year help 75 companies, through our growth programs: Talent incubator and Accelerace.

Are you passionate about your idea / company? Are you ambitious? Want to share knowledge and start networking? Then contact us to learn more about our innovative environmental, or drop by for a personal tour of the premises.

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